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We agree. Faxing should be simple, fast, and affordable. That’s why we designed MetroFax to seamlessly integrate into your daily business. MetroFax eliminates the hassles and expenses of fax hardware and supplies. Consolidate all of your inbound and outbound faxing into one easy to manage solution. Your employees can be better organized, no matter where they are with MetroFax solutions for the desktop, the Web, or smart phones.

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Always available Always available. Send and receive Send and receive multiple fax pages simultaneously.
Fax from anywhere Fax from email, desktop programs, the Web, or smart phones. Discounted Volume discounts available.
Metrofax Online

Join the growing number of companies turning to advanced security, leading integration options, and unrivaled value.

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Secure, Fast Transmission

Built from the ground up for high-capacity, high-speed transmission with the industry’s strongest level of encryption.

Eliminate Costly Fax Servers

Transition to a hosted solution and reduce capital expenses, maintenance, and software license costs.

Integrate with Line of Business (LOB) Apps

APIs can integrate with your document or sales management systems, CRM system, or databases.

Keep Your Existing Fax Numbers

Port your numbers and keep business flowing without interruption.

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Dedicated, Responsive Support

Never outsourced, backed by a dedicated team of U.S.-based experts ready to help.

Centralized Web Admin

It’s simple to manage your account with the Web-based Dashboard. Organize and save fax pages, add users, run reports, manage multiple accounts, and more.


Need 10, 50, or 500 unique fax numbers? We have custom plans to fit your company’s needs.

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Video Tutorials

With a large organization having efficient methods to handle the most demanding of fax needs is essential. Explore our demos and tutorials to help you see how MetroFax can work for your company today.

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