Keep Your Number. Bring it to MetroFax.

Sign-up today and you can conveniently transfer your existing fax number to MetroFax. Save time, money and eliminate fax machine hassles—without ever changing your fax number.

Why Transfer Your Number to Metrofax?



No need to inform customers of a new number as you transition to MetroFax. No need to reprint your business cards or stationary.

Zap Busy Signals

Zap Busy Signals

Your MetroFax number can accept multiple faxes simultaneously.


Save Big

No paper, ink, or toner cartridges to buy. Eliminate dedicated phone line charges and maintenance fees.



Send and receive fax pages from anywhere—even from your cell phone.

How It Works

1. Confirm with your current telecommunications provider that your existing number is eligible for transfer. Transferring numbers that are associated with DSL services might risk unintended cancellations of other circuits or lines due to the porting process. Make sure that you verify that transferring the number will not affect other services or contractual obligations you have with your current provider.

2. If your number is eligible for transfer, simply call us at customer service 888.321.3121 Ext. 2

3. After you complete and return our form, we will contact your previous provider to complete the transfer for you—it’s hassle free.

What if I Can't Transfer My Existing Number?

You still can enjoy the ease and value of MetroFax. Simply sign up for a new local or toll-free number, and then disconnect your existing number.