About MetroFax

MetroFax is a leading provider of Internet faxing with advanced features and flexible usage plans. We’re powered by the largest digital fax network in the world, and equipped with cutting-edge servers that provide unparalleled transmission security. Using the convenience of the Internet, MetroFax enables customers to easily access faxes from their laptop, desktop or wireless device. Fax pages are delivered as attachments directly to the customer’s email inbox.

Individuals and companies of all sizes depend on MetroFax’s simple, affordable, and scalable Internet fax service. It includes a choice of inbound toll-free or local fax numbers in thousands of cities across the U.S; and with no extra charges for long distance or transmission time charges.


MetroFax was founded in 1997, based on the principle that companies needed dependable, simple to use, and flexible communication services to meet their ever-expanding business needs. MetroFax knows that switching to electronic communications contributes to environmental conservation

Initially, MetroFax launched as a provider of wired and wireless Internet access and services. It quickly became known for its reliable service, which was backed by a knowledgeable and responsive US-based customer support team.

When customers indicated they were struggling to find a high quality solution for Internet faxing, the company set out to deliver a unique fax service that over delivered. The company capitalized on its experience, delivering scalable Web-based solutions that "work every time," and developed an innovative fax solution that quickly met, and exceeded, customer needs.

With continual enhancements to usability, security, and integration capabilities, the MetroFax service soon became an indispensable productivity tool for businesses, and an integral part of many companies' sustainability efforts. In order to better serve its growing number of customers, build long-standing relationships, and to further its commitment to the environment, the company decided to concentrate solely on its fax service in 2005.


Thousands of customers rely on MetroFax as their comprehensive fax solution every day. Whether they chose MetroFax to replace a traditional fax machine/server or transition from a pricier Internet solution, they stay for the value, functionality and unmatched service. MetroFax remains committed to expanding and building long-term customer relationships.

MetroFax provides Internet faxing from email or the web, and we have a mobile app available for Android and iPhone smartphones.

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