Your Fax Number: A Key Business Tool

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Types of Fax Numbers:
How You Send and Receive Faxes Matters

What type of fax number is right for your business? Or do you need a combination of local and toll-free numbers? Today, you have a lot of flexibility. With an online fax service, you have multiple options to send and receive faxes and they all deliver unique benefits.

Local Fax Number

A local number is a great option for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Many consumers and even business owners prefer to work with local partners in their immediate area. A local number gives the impression that you are part of that community. It also implies that you are local to the area and better understand the needs of those who live and work there. It's all about gaining a competitive edge while giving potential customers the confidence to do business with you.

Keeping Your Own Fax Number (Porting)

As an online fax service, we believe in offering our customers flexibility and agility. One way we do that is by allowing you to keep your own number and port it into our service. That ensures that you’re able to cut out the fax machine without disrupting communications with your clients and business partners.

They can still use the same number they have for years to send faxes, and your employees will send and receive faxes from the same number as well. The only difference will be the medium – you’ll use digital technology rather than an analog fax machine.

Toll-Free Fax Number

A toll-free number offers you the opportunity to expand your brand's perception. Where local numbers can give the impression that your firm is part of the immediate community, toll-free numbers help give your organization the appearance of a larger company with a national or even international presence. It can be the key to gaining the trust of certain would-be clients/customers who feel that only a larger business could possibly satisfy their needs.

How to Use Your Fax Number with MetroFax

Faxing with MetroFax is as easy as can be. Just follow a few basic steps.

To Send a Fax

  • 1Log in to your account and click on Send Faxes.
  • 2Fill in the pertinent information fields of the Send a Fax form.
  • 3Click Add or Choose from Contacts to add your recipients.
  • 4Attach the document you want to fax.
  • 5Click Send.

To Receive/View a Fax

  • 1Log in to your account.
  • 2Click the “View Faxes” button.
  • 3Click on the subject of a fax to view it. Double-click to view it full screen.
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Important Features of MetroFax

In addition to offering multiple fax numbers and plenty of flexibility, you’ll find that an online fax service like MetroFax can also deliver other mission-critical benefits. These include:

Access to a centralized Message Center with online fax capabilities.

Fax by email and using any email service, allowing you to receive faxes online.

Access your faxes on a mobile device.

A mobile app compatible with the latest iOS and Android operating systems.

Up to 10 users (5 send and 5 receive users per account).

Activity logs so you can view/download sent and received fax information.

Tag and search faxes in your account.

Store fax pages in the cloud.

Fax to multiple recipients at the same time (up to 50).

Frequently Asked Questions

A fax number is the phone number associated with a fax machine or online fax account. Your contacts will enter this number into their fax machine to send a fax to you.

This can be any phone number, technically. For instance, if you choose to connect a fax machine to your business’s phone line, then your regular phone number is now a fax number because the fax machine will answer any inbound calls as long as it is connected. With an online fax service, this is no longer the case, as you can receive faxes online without the need to tie up a business line.

Traditionally, fax numbers were assigned by your local telephone carrier. However, today, an online fax service like MetroFax can assign you a local fax number without you having to deal with the phone company or pay for another line. We can also provide toll-free fax numbers and other services, such as fax by email.