Internet Fax Features

MetroFax boosts productivity and cuts costs.

Simple to Use

If you can send email, you can send online fax pages. All you need is Internet access, an email address, and your MetroFax fax number. Start sending and receiving faxes in minutes.

Use Your Pages Your Way

A fax page is a fax page. We don’t have gimmicks and gotchas about how you use your plan’s pages each month. You decide the best combination of inbound or outbound fax pages. And, we don’t charge extra like some online fax providers based upon how long a page takes to send.

Send to Many Recipients Simultaneously

Send to multiple fax recipients from your email account (subject to email program and email service provider limitations) or via the MetroFax MyAccount.

Support for Popular Formats

Send attachments from nearly all Windows- based software programs, including image formats (TIFF, PNG, JPEGs, and more), Adobe PDFs, documents, and spreadsheets.

Mobile Faxing

Access your fax pages from email or any Web browser from wherever you are. And now the MetroFax app takes faxing to your smartphone.

Get a Dedicated Fax Number

Enhance your presence in the community with a local number in thousands of cities in the U.S. and Canada. Each account includes a dedicated local number, or toll free number.

Keep Your Existing Fax Number

Port your numbers and keep business flowing without interruption.

5 Email Addresses – 1 Fax Number

Up to 5 email addresses can be used at no additional charge with your MetroFax account. Send and receive fax pages from your work, home, or any other email account. Add your coworkers to your MetroFax number and get the whole team on MetroFax.

Upload Contact Lists

Upload existing CSV-formatted contact lists to the MetroFax MyAccount to fax existing contacts quickly.

Monthly or Annual Plan to Fit Any Budget

Choose a package that best meets your needs. Pick from our monthly or discounted annual plan with 500 combo fax pages.

Easy Overages

If you need more pages, you will always get our best per page rates, without any upsells to a “better” plan.

No Contracts

No activation fees, no minimum commitments, no early termination fees. MetroFax is a low cost monthly service for your business.

No Long Distance Charges

There are never long distance charges for fax pages sent within the U.S. and Canada. When your fax needs are international, we offer very competitive international rates to more than 170 countries.

Always On, Always Ready

Our reliability means no worries about your fax solution. Your customer’s fax pages always reach you without busy signals even when receiving multiple fax pages simultaneously.

Automatic Retries, Immediate Confirmation

No more waiting by the fax machine to make sure fax pages go through. MetroFax attempts to send your fax page up to five times. Receive an email confirmation for your sent or received fax pages.

Free, North America Based Support

We don’t outsource your questions. Our support specialists are MetroFax employees who know our services in and out.

Review, Search, Print, and Save

Use the secure MetroFax MyAccount website to manage your account: review, search, print and save fax pages, check account usage, as well as send and receive fax pages.

Go Green – Save Money and Trees

With Internet faxing, fax pages arrive as PDF or TIFF attachments. There’s no need to buy paper or toner cartridges, or maintain fax machines or fax servers.