Affiliate Program

Green is good. Whether it’s reducing paper waste or putting cash in your pocket, partnering with MetroFax delivers both.

Offer your customers MetroFax internet fax services and earn hefty cash commissions for your efforts. Every sale, direct marketing, or social media campaigns can net you $20!

How It Works

  1. Click the link below and sign up through Commission Junction.
  2. We provide you with professionally designed banners for your web marketing efforts.
  3. Receive $20 for every lead that becomes a paid MetroFax customer. We’ll handle all of the account set up, billing, and customer service.

Get the Credit You Deserve

Even if the referral doesn’t immediately sign-up, don’t worry. If your referral decides to compare MetroFax with the competition, we’re confident they’ll come back and sign up. You still get credit for that referral up to 45 days from the initial banner click.

What's the Catch?

The MetroFax affiliate program costs you absolutely nothing. There is no start-up fee, no monthly maintenance costs, and no minimums. You can rest easy that you’re connecting your customers with the most flexible and reliable Internet faxing solution on the market.

The MetroFax affiliate program is managed through Commission Junction. Click the link below to join the program and start making money today.