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Sending a Fax
Isn’t What It Used To Be

Remember when sending a fax was a chore? Fax transmission using fax machines is an old technique that’s not reliable, requires a lot of resources, is slow, and is not secure. But the future of sending a fax lies in sending faxes online, and with that comes security, speed, organization, and so much more.
Enter: MetroFax. It is the most convenient, cost-saving, and time-efficient fax solution on the web, offering an abundance of features to make organizing, sharing, sending, receiving, and managing your faxes simple, all from within your MetroFax portal.

How To Fax Online with MetroFax

MetroFax is the premier web-based fax service, offering three simple ways to fax, fast.

How To Send a Fax Online with MetroFax

Sending digital faxes is fast and easy. Here’s how to send a computer fax online with MetroFax:

How To Receive Faxes Online with MetroFax

Receiving faxes online is just as easy as sending. Others can send you electronic faxes with the MetroFax online fax service using your assigned fax number.
It is as simple as that – send a receive faxes in a flash.

Versatile Ways to Send a Fax Document

MetroFax gives you the ability to send, receive, save, and organize faxes on your computer or mobile device. All you need is an internet connection to use any of our three convenient digital fax methods; no more bulky and noisy machines, no more busy signals, no more toner ribbons or wasted paper, and no more modems or expensive fax servers.

Benefits of
Online Faxing

There are many benefits of using the MetroFax online faxing service. In addition to being a low-cost alternative with no supply orders or frustrating busy signals, you can actually increase productivity while simplifying your workflow.

MetroFax Online Fax Service Key Features

You can send and receive a fax online faster, more conveniently, and more affordably with MetroFax. Other online fax services simply do not stand up when it comes to the ability to send faxes using a simple send button. This innovative online service is overflowing with fundamental features that make it the best way to send a fax online.
All of these features make MetroFax the premier online fax service on the market today. Think of MetroFax as the online fax machine without a phone connection but with the convenience of mobile apps – the way of the future.
With MetroFax, you can fax like you have never faxed before. So if you’re looking for the best digital faxing service, look no further!