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How to Manage Your MetroFax Account

View your recent fax activity. Check your current bill. Update your profile. Let us show how easily you can manage your MetroFax account online.


Receiving Faxes Online and in Your Email

With MetroFax, receiving inbound fax pages is convenient and easy. You'll receive each new fax page as an email, and you can view incoming faxes online. See how it works here.


Managing Your MetroFax Contacts Quickly and Easily

Send fax pages quickly to your frequent recipients. Create new contacts in a few clicks. Import contacts easily. Learn how easy MetroFax makes managing your contacts.


How to Send Fax Pages Online

MetroFax also lets you send fax pages right from your MyAccount page. It's easy and takes just seconds. See how it works in this video.


MetroFax Message Center - Your Source for Inbound and Outbound Faxes

Access all fax pages sent and received through your MetroFax account. Search for faxes using folders or even by keywords you've tagged. See how it works in this video.


How to Manage Fax Pages Online - Introducing MyAccount

Manage your MetroFax account with MyAccount - Your MetroFax dashboard that lets you update account settings, view fax activity, and send fax pages online. See how it works.


How To Fax from Email

MetroFax makes faxing as easy as email. Just address your email message to your fax number, type a message and attach up to 10 file. See how it works in this video.