How To Send a Fax
From Email

With MetroFax, you can send faxes by email from most e-mail clients and webmail accounts. Sending faxes by email is as simple as sending a traditional email.
To start, open a new email message. In the To: box, enter a fax recipient’s fax number, including both the country code and area code, followed by Do not include spaces or dashes in the fax number.
Next attach any documents you want to include. If you are including multiple attachments, make sure that you attach them in the order you wish them to appear. You may attach up to 10 attachments totaling 18MB or less.
To include a cover page, simply type into the body of the email. Any text included in the body of the email will become a cover page. So, it is recommended you delete any automatic signatures if you do not wish to include a cover page.
After the fax is ready, click send. Once the fax has been sent by the MetroFax system, you will receive a confirmation notice back to the same email address from which you sent the fax.