MetroFax Message
Center - Your Source

for Inbound and
Outbound Faxes

Access all faxes sent and received through your MetroFax account. Search for faxes using folders or even by keywords you’ve tagged. See how it works in this video.
MetroFax provides online storage of Inbound and Outbound faxes through Message Center. To access Message Center, click View Faxes in My Account. If there is more than one fax number assigned to the account, use the drop-down menu in the upper right corner to switch between Message Centers for each number.
The Message Center interface is split into three primary sections: Folders pane, Messages pane, and Tags pane.
The Folders pane contains a list of all folders in Message Center. Inbox, Drafts, Sent Faxes, and Trash are the default folders and cannot be deleted or renamed. But you can add more folders. To do so, click New and enter the new folder name when prompted. To delete a folder, select the folder in the list and click Delete. To rename a folder, select the folder and click Rename. When prompted, enter the new folder name.
The Messages pane contains the list of faxes in a given folder. Double-click the fax in the message list to view it in a new tab. While viewing a fax, click Tag Action in the Tag pane. From here you can add a new tag or remove a tag. From the message list, you can also select one or more messages to Delete, Move to a new folder, Download, Forward by Email, or Forward by Fax.
Faxes in the Message Center are searchable based on content or tags. To search your faxes, enter the tag or keyword in the search field over the Folder pane. Search results will be displayed in a new tab. Double-click a fax in the search results list to view it.