How to Send
Fax Pages Online

MetroFax also lets you send fax pages right from your MyAccount page. It’s easy and takes just seconds. See how to fax over internet in this video.
To send a fax from My Account, click Send Fax Pages to open the WebSend form.
Then add your recipients. You can enter recipient information manually, including the Name, Company Name, and Fax Number — and click Add. Repeat these steps for each recipient. By default, the country code selected is the one that matches the billing address on your account. To change this, choose the country code for your recipient from the drop-down menu.
You can also add recipients from your MetroFax Contacts list. Click Choose from Contacts, then select the desired recipients and click Add. You may add up to 50 recipients on a single fax.
The fax message itself may include a cover page, file attachments, or both. If you wish to add a cover page, check the box next to Include Cover Page and enter a subject and message text in the appropriate fields. To add file attachments, click Browse and select up to 10 documents. The total of all attachments cannot exceed 18MB.
Entering a Reference ID is optional and solely for your record keeping. It will not appear on the fax itself.
Finally, if you have more than one email address registered to send fax pages, use the drop-down menu to select the email address where you wish to receive the Sent Fax receipt.
You may also choose a preferred image quality for sending.
When your faxes ready to send, click Send Fax.